Marc Enfroy

Inspired by the death of his sister from melanoma, Marc Enfroy (pronounced EN-froy) began teaching himself to compose music in 2006.  By interweaving beautiful new age instrumental piano melodies with touching orchestral arrangements in a style he calls Cinematic Piano Music, Marc has soothed many hearts with his warm and original compositions.  This prompted radio broadcasters worldwide to bestow Marc with the Best Neo-Classical Album Award for his debut CD, “Unbounded”, in the 2008 New Age Reporter Lifestyle Music Awards, where he also received a nomination for Best New Artist.  His follow-up CD, “Awakening”, was a finalist in the 2009 Zone Music Reporter Awards and is aired on the Music Choice Soundscapes channel, Sirius/XM Spa, public radio and Internet music stations around the world.  In 2011, Marc released “Unconditional”, produced by the Billboard-charting duo 2002.  The album has seen widespread airplay and was named by and as one of the best albums of 2011.
Marc Enfroy now introduces his fourth Cinematic Piano album, “Dreams of the Forest”, a lush blend of New Age piano with Hollywood-style strings and orchestral arrangements.  Of the album, Marc says, “I wanted a strong nature-based theme for this project and  I think we can all relate to the allure of the forest. As a kid I remember playing and exploring in the woods with my friends for hours.  When I was 13 I visited the redwood forest at Yosemite National Park and was absolutely blown away by the majesty of it all. Living in Michigan, the Fall colors are spectacular, especially in the northern part of the state where woodlands are everywhere.  On top of that, I have listeners often telling me they use my music for dreaming and inspiration so the ‘Dreams of the Forest’ concept was a natural way to go.  I wrote the music for this album as if I was taking listeners on an imaginary trip to a pristine forest where they could feel inspired and see their dreams take flight.  It’s definitely the most authentic album I’ve done to date and feels like a very natural expression of who I am.  Hopefully that comes across in the music.” 
Marc Enfroy: Dreams of the Forest