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High Tide Radio is a station that broadcasts instrumental music from indie musicians.
We play world, folk, easy listening, new age style, solo piano, electronic and even a touch of jazz and classical.
New tracks are added regularly so stay tuned and enjoy.
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Craig Karolus

Craig grew up in Long Prairie, Minnesota; a small community where everybody knows everybody. The high school marching band, called The Minnesota Marching M’Bassadors, under the direction of Mr. Gove (now retired), put this town on the map. Craig was a percussionist in the marching band. He also filled the role of drum major for the field show performances his senior year in high school. The band traveled all over the country. Craig had the opportunity to direct the field show band while they performed at the Festival Of States competition in St. Petersberg, FL in 1986. “This was an experience I’ll never forget; a real honor. Music has always been a part of my life. I look back to when I was just a small child, visiting my grandma in Wisconsin. In her basement, there was a small electric organ that I used to play all the time. This is where I learned how to put basic melodies together.”

Craig got his first taste of New Age music while serving in the US Army in A.I.T. (Advanced Individual Training) at Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX. “One weekend I walked into a store at the shopping mall. The first thing that caught my eye was a laser kaleidoscope playing with music. I asked the clerk what kind of music that was, he said it’s called New Age (Fresh Aire was the artist). I was hooked, and have been ever since.”

After serving eight years as a medic in the Army, Craig teamed up with his brothers Todd, Curt and good friends (guitarist) Paul Singh and (bass guitarist) Mic Ironi to play in a rock band. The cover band, named “Karolus”, played for nearly 10 years before the group decided to hang it up. “One of the many highlights while playing in this band was opening up for Great White at a local show.” After playing in the band, Craig decided it was time to compile the music he has written over the past 15 years to create his first album. “I am very excited and it gives me great pleasure to introduce my first album, “Standing On Top” to the world.”

Craig Karolus: Family Values

Craig Karolus: Standing On Top

Catherine Duc

Catherine Duc

Catherine Duc is a very talented musician composer from Victoria, Australia. Her instrumentals blend elements from Ambient, Celtic, World, New Age, Electronica and Neo-Classical music.
Reviewers have compared her music to that of Enigma, Deep Forest, Delerium “Pure Moods” compilations, Riverdance and Enya.

Catherine has won a number of awards such as best instrumental artist (International Online Music Awards 2007). Instrumental Artist of the year (16th LA Music Awards 2006) and Best instrumental artist and Best Instrumental Producer (Toronto International Music Awards 2008).

Catherine Duc: Visions and Dreams

Mark Spivey

Mark Spivey officially began his creative recording career in mid 1995 with his determination to learn the harmonica. This was followed by a number of other musical instruments including the Sampona, percussion and Keyboard.

With influences from Vangelis and Tony O’connor and infused with his own “Australian feel”, Mark has produced two solo albums and has also been involved in a number of corporate projects.
Owning his own mobile recording facility, he currently lives in Perth,Western Australia where he is active in the worship team at his local church and continues to work in the music industry.

Mark Spivey: Tales From The Southwest


Mark Spivey: Esperance

Marc Enfroy

Inspired by the death of his sister from melanoma, Marc Enfroy (pronounced EN-froy) began teaching himself to compose music in 2006.  By interweaving beautiful new age instrumental piano melodies with touching orchestral arrangements in a style he calls Cinematic Piano Music, Marc has soothed many hearts with his warm and original compositions.  This prompted radio broadcasters worldwide to bestow Marc with the Best Neo-Classical Album Award for his debut CD, “Unbounded”, in the 2008 New Age Reporter Lifestyle Music Awards, where he also received a nomination for Best New Artist.  His follow-up CD, “Awakening”, was a finalist in the 2009 Zone Music Reporter Awards and is aired on the Music Choice Soundscapes channel, Sirius/XM Spa, public radio and Internet music stations around the world.  In 2011, Marc released “Unconditional”, produced by the Billboard-charting duo 2002.  The album has seen widespread airplay and was named by  MainlyPiano.com and NewAgeMusicWorld.com as one of the best albums of 2011.
Marc Enfroy now introduces his fourth Cinematic Piano album, “Dreams of the Forest”, a lush blend of New Age piano with Hollywood-style strings and orchestral arrangements.  Of the album, Marc says, “I wanted a strong nature-based theme for this project and  I think we can all relate to the allure of the forest. As a kid I remember playing and exploring in the woods with my friends for hours.  When I was 13 I visited the redwood forest at Yosemite National Park and was absolutely blown away by the majesty of it all. Living in Michigan, the Fall colors are spectacular, especially in the northern part of the state where woodlands are everywhere.  On top of that, I have listeners often telling me they use my music for dreaming and inspiration so the ‘Dreams of the Forest’ concept was a natural way to go.  I wrote the music for this album as if I was taking listeners on an imaginary trip to a pristine forest where they could feel inspired and see their dreams take flight.  It’s definitely the most authentic album I’ve done to date and feels like a very natural expression of who I am.  Hopefully that comes across in the music.” 
Marc Enfroy: Dreams of the Forest